QuickRewards Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam? An Honest Perspective

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Many people enjoy quick and easy ways to earn a little extra money or even get some fun prizes. Many websites reward users for performing certain tasks. One such website is QuickRewards. Like any "get paid to" (GPT) site, QuickRewards has its good points and bad points, both of which will be discussed in this QuickRewards review.

If you are searching for another GPT site to add to your list, or you would just like a casual way to earn some fun rewards or a little extra pocket money, read about QuickRewards below. This program might be worth your while. Decide for yourself after reading this QuickRewards review.

What Is QuickRewards?

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QuickRewards is a site that rewards members for performing a variety of online tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos, reading emails, and printing coupons. The QuickRewards platform has existed since 2002, which makes it one of the longest-running reward sites around. The site's longevity is a favorable sign. The website is open to individuals eighteen or older who live in the U.S., Canada, or the U.K. This detailed QuickRewards review will reveal everything you need to know about this program.

How To Join

To sign up for QuickRewards, click the button marked "join now." You will have to fill out a form requiring your email address, username, password, and verification code. It should only take a minute. After signing up, visit your email and look for a confirmation email. If you cannot find this email in your inbox, check your spam folder. Also, know that it could take up to twenty-four hours to receive this email. When you get this email, you will need to find the confirmation code. Copy and paste this code in the designated location on the QuickRewards site.

This will confirm your email address. After doing this, you may take part in any of the earning activities listed on the site. Spend some time getting acquainted with the site before taking part. There is a link to some FAQs and a link to a beginner's guide on the left side of the screen. You should look through those as they provide a lot of detailed information concerning earning with the QuickRewards program. Taking the time to read through these items in the beginning will save you time later on.

How Does QuickRewards Work?

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In this part of our QuickRewards review, we will examine how the site works. Upon sign up, you are required to join at least one of the three programs offered. These programs are Quick Rewards shop and save, Quick Rewards pay you for your opinion, and Quick Rewards earn online cash. The purpose of these programs is to adjust the QuickRewards platform to your preferences and customize the emails you receive. You can unsubscribe from all emails after you become a full member. Below is a brief explanation of each program.

Quick Rewards Shop And Save Program 

This program allows you to earn as much as 25% cashback from over 1000 brand name merchants and receive exclusive coupon discounts.

Quick Rewards Pay You For Your Opinion Program

This program primarily focuses on paid surveys. Users simply choose a topic, provide their opinions within the surveys, and then collect rewards.

Quick Rewards Earn Online Cash Program

Members are paid to do a variety of tasks including reading emails, visiting websites, and completing online or offline offers.

You may join all three programs if you wish. The QuickRewards earn online cash program offers the widest variety of earning activities. Each of those activities is discussed in more detail below.

Daily Checklist

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This is a list of five to eight tasks which members may complete daily to get bonus tokens. These tasks are activities that anyone can perform and things that members likely do on the site anyway such as completing an offer or visiting a sponsored website. Upon completing all the tasks, you get the bonus coins.

Play To Earn

Visit the website's Game Portal to play entertaining arcade, word, and card games for a chance to win tokens. Know that the games do not pay directly but allow you the opportunity to win a few bonus points. Also, they are sometimes included in the Daily Checklist.

Trivia Games

Unlike the other games, trivia games pay directly. They are found on the game tab along with the other games. Trivia provides members with a new question each day. The questions are multiple choice. A correct response to the question will grant you fifty points. However, an incorrect response grants you nothing. You can attempt to answer the trivia question once each day.

Watch Videos And Earn

There are multiple ways to accumulate points by watching videos. One option is interactive videos. Before starting, you will complete a quick questionnaire to find videos that suit your demographics or interests. Watch all the videos in the set, usually about ten, and points are awarded to you.

Another option is slide show views. These are videos on other sites that give you QuickPoints when you view them. You must watch the entire video to get the points. Finally, there is Flix TV. You may watch a video in this section every ten minutes. For each video that you view in its entirety, you will receive twenty-five QuickPoints.

Complete Offers

In the "Earn To" area, under the "Offer" portal, you will find QuickRewards paid offers, which is a listing of offers provided by partner advertisers who want you to complete a task, buy something, or sign up for something. Some offers require you to purchase something to receive points, other offers require you to sign up for trials, and some are free. The number of tokens or points you are awarded varies by task.

It's important to note that whenever you complete an offer that gives 5000 or more points, you will need to email confirmation of your sign-up/order to QuickRewards as the site will not automatically do it.

Printing Coupons

Look for useful coupons in the "Earn To" area. Print all the coupons that you need. For each coupon you print and redeem, you will earn five cents. There is no limit to the number of coupons that you may print and use. Coupons are updated frequently, so check for new coupons regularly.

Reading Emails

QuickRewards will send you some emails for which you will get points just for reading. Therefore, check your email daily. Most of the time you will only need to click a link within the email to show that you have read it.

Is QuickRewards Legit Or A Scam?

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This is the most important part of this QuickRewards review because this is where we will determine if QuickRewards is a legitimate site. There have been some complaints against the program. Skeptics regard the site as a scam because of these complaints. In fairness, a site can receive some complaints and still be legit. Here, we will carefully review the most common complaints.

Limits On Surveys

Some users complain because there is a limit placed on the number of surveys you are allowed to do each day. The limit is three, which some members dislike because it is the highest earning gig. Some users also complain that the surveys are ridden with errors. Members who have had this experience claim that they get an error message, either several minutes into a survey or immediately after submitting it, which does not allow them to be compensated. Another common complaint is that some tasks will only allow you to earn gift cards but not cash.

Deleted Accounts

The most serious complaint comes from members who claim that their accounts were deleted for no reason. Although this might give you pause, it should not be taken at face value. It is a common complaint against reward sites and often it is because the member violated a rule, either by using shifty techniques to cheat the system or because they were not aware of the rule since they did not carefully read the terms of service before joining.

Final Judgement

All things considered, QuickRewards is a legitimate site. Regardless of the complaints against it, many people have earned valuable rewards and money from the site. It is natural for these types of sites to have a few bugs and glitches from time to time. Overall, many people have earned valuable prizes and some extra pocket money through the QuickRewards program.

QuickRewards is safe and any personal information you share on this site will not be given away. To partake in surveys, you must provide personal information like your name, demographic information, and email. However, the site will not sell your information to third-party sites. Know that if you complete surveys provided by third-party sites, those sites will gain access to a portion of your information and can contact you through email. That said, you can easily unsubscribe from their mailing list.

Pros And Cons

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Now that we have established that this is a legitimate site, this portion of this QuickRewards review will list the pros and cons.


  • Fast PayPal and gift card payments
  • Many ways to earn points
  • No minimum payout
  • Special bonuses for loyal, active members
  • Easy tasks


  • Limited to people in the U.K., Canada, or the U.S.
  • Must remain active every month to keep rewards
  • Site is not user friendly
  • Shipping fees attached to some gift cards

Tips For Making Fast With QuickRewards

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Although it might sound easy to earn prizes and cash on QuickRewards, it is quite a time-consuming and tedious endeavor. In this part of our QuickRewards review, you will learn a few tricks to speed up your earnings from this website.

There are a lot of ways that this can be achieved. The best way to do this is by taking advantage of various earning methods. For instance, QuickRewards has a feature that allows you to earn cashback rewards for shopping. To take advantage of this feature, make a list of all the items that you already intend to buy each week. Whenever possible, purchase these items through the QuickRewards program.


Watching videos is another earning method that you can easily use to your advantage. Just load up a set of videos on your laptop, phone, or another portable device. Allow the videos to play while you vacuum, fold laundry, or complete other household chores. This will allow you to earn points while completing your daily cleaning duties.

Printing coupons is another task that you can do while you get other responsibilities out of the way. Just select all the coupons you wish to print and send them to your printer. Then, as your machine prints out each coupon, you can take care of other business.

Completing Tasks

Of course, the more tasks you complete, the more tokens and points you will earn. On that note, look for tasks that can be completed quickly, within a few seconds. Take a few minutes each day, two or three times per day, say in the morning when you get up, during your midday meal, and again before you go to bed, and complete as many quick tasks as you can within a five- to ten-minute period.

Finally, concentrate on the low earning tasks. This might sound counterproductive; however, there are daily limits on tasks with high payouts but not on the low paying ones. These tips should help you maximize your QuickRewards earnings.

Is It Worth Your Time?

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You may still wonder if QuickRewards is right for you, or if it is a worthwhile pursuit. This part of our QuickRewards review will answer that question by breaking it down in terms of earning potential and user goals. First, we will look at the earning potential of this site.

Earning Potential

There is an abundance of tasks on the site which users can complete to earn rewards. You may wonder how much you can earn from completing them. To answer this question, you must comprehend how the reward system is set up. QuickRewards compensates its users in three ways: tokens, quick points, or cash. The quick points are rewarded for each task. These points may also be redeemed for cash, but it takes 100 points to equal one cent. Tokens can be redeemed for prizes featured in the network's gift catalog.

Cash prizes are delivered via PayPal within seventy-two hours of completing the task. Most often, cash prizes are awarded for online shopping and completing surveys, but they may also occasionally be awarded for other tasks. Following is a sampling of how much you can earn from various tasks.

Answering Trivia or Playing Games

These activities offer ten to fifty points depending on the difficulty level.

Completing a Survey

Surveys pay $1 to $15 depending on the length of the survey.

Referrals and Visiting Websites

You can get ten points per referral or visit.

Viewing Videos

Users can make five cents to $6 depending on the length of the video.

User Goals

Clearly, you will not earn enough with this program to get rich or replace your day job income. Hence, if you are looking for a way to earn a full-time income online and quit your regular job, this program is not for you.

Aside from that, QuickRewards is a fun way to earn a few extra bucks or get some cool prizes doing some things you likely already do, such as watching online videos or reading emails. If that is what you are interested in, then this site is for you and it will probably be worth your time to spend a few minutes earning on the site each day. It is a profitable and constructive way to spend some of your free time, and if you will be doing some of these activities anyway, you might as well get something for it.

QuickRewards Review Summary

Conclusively, our QuickRewards review finds that this site is a legitimate site that offers users a variety of fun and easy ways to earn some cool prizes or a little extra money. QuickRewards is open to anyone living in Canada, the United States, or the United Kingdom who is at least eighteen years old. Joining the website is free and easy, and after doing so members can earn by completing surveys, watching videos, completing offers, printing coupons, or a number of other activities.

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Although there have been some complaints launched against them, this is an honest site that offers legitimate opportunities to earn. With a little ingenuity and a few multi-tasking skills, you can easily optimize your earning potential on the site. The biggest disadvantages with this program are a cluttered and confusing site layout and some site glitches that sometimes cause errors within surveys and other tasks that lead to a loss in rewards.

In regards to these disadvantages, we give this site a 3.5 rating out of five. To earn cash prizes and fun rewards, join QuickRewards. We hope that you have found this QuickRewards review to be informative and helpful.


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