SendEarnings Review: Is It Legit or a Scam? An Honest Perspective

If you're looking into paid survey websites, you've probably seen a SendEarnings review or two. But is it legit or a scam? Reviews seem to vary, and you're looking for a solid answer.

Paid survey and reward websites can be an excellent way to earn some extra cash from home. But some sites are easier to make money from than others. Before deciding if SendEarnings is worth it for you, you may be wondering how exactly the website works.

What Is SendEarnings?

To start our SendEarnings review, it's crucial to explain to you what SendEarnings is. SendEarnings is a Get Paid To (GPT) website where you can earn rewards by performing various tasks. Some GPT sites strictly offer surveys, while others provide cashback rewards, referrals, and videos.

SendEarnings pretty much offers it all. You can earn money on SendEarnings through a variety of ways. These include completing offers, playing games, taking surveys, using their search engine, and clipping coupons.

From each of these, you earn a certain amount of money. The amount of money you complete per task depends on the task itself.

SendEarnings is owned by another popular GPT site, InboxDollars, which you've most likely heard of. InboxDollars, which is an Inc. 5000 company, was founded in 2000.

InboxDollars acquired SendEarnings in 2005. In May 2019, InboxDollars was acquired by Prodege, LLC. This company also owns Swagbucks, MyPoints, and ShopAtHome.

So, to sum this all up, Prodege, LLC owns SendEarnings, along with multiple other GPT sites.

How Does SendEarnings Work?

To further explain this SendEarnings review, you're most likely wondering how exactly it works.

SendEarnings will credit your account with a small amount of money for performing simple tasks online. Some examples of this include being paid $0.50 for signing up for a Hulu subscription, $0.50 for completing a 20-minute survey, and $0.02 for watching a video.

However, the earning potential with SendEarnings is relatively low. Even if you spend hours on the site, you will earn far less than the minimum wage. Most tasks will only give you around $0.50, so it can be challenging to reach the minimum threshold that SendEarnings requires before you can receive your earnings.


One method of earning money on SendEarnings is completing offers. These are offers where you can earn cash for testing out various products and services. Many of these will involve signing up for a free trial, and staying past that free trial.

The most popular offers include signing up for SendEarnings. Just by signing up, you earn $5.00. After that, if you complete the general profile survey, household survey, and interests survey, you will receive an additional $0.70. Each survey will take several minutes to complete.

Some other offers may include earning:

  • $100 for becoming an Airbnb host
  • $3 for joining Opinion Square
  • $50 for getting a Liberty Mutual policy
  • $4.50 for joining Mint Mobile
  • $10 for joining BeenVerified
  • $8 for purchasing from Candy Club
  • $5 for subscribing to a new Hulu plan

The offers on SendEarnings can be a simple way to earn money. If you're considering signing up for a product or service, check to see if there's an offer for it available on SendEarnings.

That way, you can earn some money for trying something that you were going to sign up for regardless.


online games

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Another method of earning money from SendEarnings is by playing games. Unfortunately, you won't make any money simply by playing a game, which can be a bit misleading based on the website.

The way to "earn money" by playing games from SendEarnings is by entering tournament games and receiving cash back to your SendEarnings account. That will require in-game purchases.

If you are already playing these games, then it can be a fantastic idea to play them through SendEarnings and get some of your money back. If you wouldn't be playing the games otherwise, then you'll end up losing money by playing games on SendEarnings.



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Next up in this SendEarnings review, SendEarnings offers surveys, which are a traditional way of earning money on GPT sites. However, the surveys on SendEarnings can be incredibly challenging to qualify for and don't have a high payout if you do end up qualifying.

Most of the surveys will take about 25 to 40 minutes to complete, and you will generally earn about 25 cents for each one. Aside from that, most people disqualify from many of the surveys that they attempt to take on SendEarnings.

There are even reports of people getting disqualified after spending 30 minutes on the survey, and once you're disqualified, you won't earn any money.

Surveys on SendEarnings will most likely be a waste of your time, and if you're looking for a survey website, we would recommend trying out a different site. Sure, you can technically earn some money from them, but it won't be very much and will take a long time to do so.

Search and earn

You can earn some money on SendEarnings by using their search engine on the website that is powered by Yahoo. With this feature, you can earn a penny or two for every four searches that you make through the search engine.

That could add up pretty quickly, but they limit you to only being able to earn up to $0.15 per day from the search engine feature.

If you're a member on SendEarnings, then you may as well search a few things through the search engine to earn your $0.15 each day. You'll end up receiving an extra $1.05 each week if you do this.


Another method of earning cash through SendEarnings is with their coupon feature. That's a relatively simple way to make money through the site.

SendEarnings offers coupons for various grocery and household items. For each coupon that you print out and redeem in-store, you will receive a credit of $0.10 to your SendEarnings account. So, while you're saving money with these coupons, you're also earning some!

One of the drawbacks to this feature is that you have to verify your phone number to be able to use the coupons. In our research, we didn't find any users receiving any spam by doing this. However, you may want to be careful with doing this, because you never know if that could change.

Accounts are credited about 30 days after you redeem the coupon. That's for SendEarnings to ensure that you aren't using the coupon and then returning the items to earn money.


group of friends

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SendEarning's referral program is one of the quickest and easiest ways to earn money through their website.

When you refer someone to SendEarnings, you will earn 10 percent of what they earn, for life. So, for every $1.00 that your referral makes, you will earn $0.10 from them.

It's an excellent feature if you have an extensive network of friends. If you do, this can be the best way to earn money through SendEarnings.

However, you should only refer people to SendEarnings if you genuinely believe in it. If you don't, you'll have people signing up who won't be active, so you won't end up earning money through them.

Additionally, SendEarnings has a Gold Membership program. If you're a part of this, you will receive a portion of money from non-referred sign-ups to the site. Anyone who cashes out their first $30 from SendEarnings automatically becomes a Gold Member.


SendEarnings also has a service that they call PaidEmails. Occasionally, SendEarnings will send you emails that you can read and click a confirmation link inside. Once you click the link, your account is credited a penny or two.

Depending on how active you are, you could receive up to three PaidEmails per day.

Earning rewards

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So, how do you earn rewards from SendEarnings? You can earn rewards through any of the methods listed above. As you can see, it can take a long time to rack up a decent amount of cash with any of the methods of earnings.

Plus, SendEarnings has a high minimum threshold in order to cash out -- $30. That's quite high, especially when compared to other GPT sites. It's also quite high when you take a look at the fact that it takes a very long time to earn that much money.

Apparently, only a fraction of SendEarnings' users meet the $30 minimum.

Some reports say if you're getting close to meeting the $30, SendEarnings will start to offer you fewer ways to earn money. We can't verify if this is accurate, but there are reviews out there claiming that to be true.

Additionally, SendEarnings withholds a $3 processing fee when you cash-out. So, you're actually only receiving $27 if you cash-out when you finally hit the $30 mark. That's the equivalent to 30 PaidEmails. Ouch.

Is It Legit or a Scam?

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The most significant question in any SendEarnings review is, is it legit or a scam?

While SendEarnings isn't technically a scam, it is not worth it for most people. It takes an incredibly long time to earn money, and the minimum threshold to cash-out is terribly high.

SiteJabber, which is a popular GPT review site, gives SendEarnings 2.5 out of 5.0 stars based on 21 user reviews. Users have a lot of complaints about this website, including:

  • Never receiving their money
  • Points being taken away
  • Taking far too long to earn money
  • Many free offers are spam or useless
  • Taking 6 months to meet $30 minimum
  • Surveys taking 25 to 45 minutes

Reviewers on SiteJabber have very few positive things to say about SendEarnings, which is a huge red flag. However, people seem to be a fan of the fact that there are a variety of ways to earn money.

Pros and Cons

To round out this SendEarnings review, here is a comprehensive list of the benefits and drawbacks to the site.


  • Variety of ways to earn money
  • Referral program
  • Free to join


  • High cash-out threshold of $30
  • Takes a long time to earn money
  • May receive spam emails and phone calls
  • Challenging to qualify for surveys

Tips For Making Money Fast with SendEarnings


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Based on this SendEarnings review, the best way to make money with SendEarnings is through the referral program. If you can refer a lot of people to the site who will become active members, you can earn money without really having to do anything.

The second best way to earn money with SendEarnings is through the coupon feature. It will help save you money on groceries while allowing you actually to make some money back.

Who Is SendEarnings Ideal For, Is It Worth Your Time?

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So, from this SendEarnings review, who is it ideal for? Is it worth your time?

SendEarnings would be ideal for those who are looking for a way to earn a few extra bucks each week. If you're looking for a way to make a decent amount of money, you should consider looking elsewhere.

Is it worth it? It's challenging to give a definitive answer, as that will be different based on your personal preferences and lifestyle. However, overall, it won't be worth it for most people. That's simply because it takes far too long to earn money.

Even if you spend hours on the website each day, it will still take at least a month to reach that minimum of $30.

In Summary


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After reading this entire SendEarnings review, you've probably formed your own opinion on whether or not it will be right for you. All in all, SendEarnings is unique in the fact that it offers a variety of ways to earn money. However, it takes a very long time to actually make enough money to be able to see results.

Sometimes it's best to try out the site for yourself, regardless of its reviews. The experience will be different for everyone, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Have you tried out SendEarnings? What was your experience like? Give us your own SendEarnings review in a comment below!

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