VIP Voice Review – Is It Legit Or A Scam? An Honest Perspective

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Online surveys are a fun way to earn a few extra dollars, but they are not meant to be a primary source of income. This is especially true with VIP Voice, because our VIP Voice review has revealed that the site rewards its members with chances to take part in auctions and sweepstakes.

If you are not attempting to earn a livable wage through online surveys, would you rather have a chance to win a paid vacation than a small gift card? Or a new appliance instead of a small PayPal deposit? If so, VIP Voice may be the right reward website for you.

What Is VIP Voice?

The VIP Voice website is a survey reward site owned by the NDP Group. It gives consumers a chance to voice their feedback on various products and services. By participating in the surveys, consumers can earn rewards in the form of VIP points. Users can spend their points as auction dollars or in the form of entry to a sweepstake.

VIP Voice uses a tiered rewards system to reward users who consistently take part in surveys. You can advance through five levels of membership by continuing to participate in surveys, and the more you complete, the more quickly you can advance to higher levels. Every time you achieve a higher level you can earn more points per survey completed.

Despite your level, VIP Voice prides itself on being easy to use for all participants. You can get started by filling out a form and verifying your email. Once verified you can fill out your personal profile and get to work taking surveys and advancing through levels.

Many users appreciated the FAQ section that answers many common questions users have. On the flip side, one question many new users ask is whether they can cash out their points for money, PayPal deposits, or gift cards. The answer is no. VIP Voice only pays VIP points that can be used in drawings or auctions.

Our VIP Voice review also discovered that the site lacks a mobile app. Some online survey takers do a lot of work on their smart phones or tablets, but without a downloadable app, the convenience of online surveys is limited.

How Does VIP Voice Work?

It is not uncommon for businesses to invest in survey data, and reward websites have found a niche for providing the survey data by paying a portion of its fees to customers who take the survey. The companies pay the reward sites and then use the data to make important decisions about product marketing and improvements.

VIP Voice conducts over twelve million surveys every year on an array of products. VIP Voice members answer surveys about the products and services they like to use. VIP Voice then combines the millions of member answers into meaningful data that is given to the company buying the survey results.

To join for free, potential members simply fill out an online application and complete a profile. Only United States and Canadian residents are eligible for membership.

The profile section is very important because many surveys are intended for a certain demographic or users with specific habits or interests. Depending on the company and the product, surveys may require users from certain states or regions, users of certain ages, or users with particular interests.

About the Surveys

One advantage VIP Voice has over other survey reward sites is that it constructs its own surveys. More commonly, a survey site will redirect users to a variety of third-party vendors, each of whom have their own unique surveys. Members who complete a lot of surveys with VIP Voice will enjoy a uniformity and familiarity among surveys that is rarely experienced on other survey reward sites.

An ongoing frustration with many survey sites is based on qualifying for surveys. According to your profile, surveys will be sent to your inbox that seem to fit in your wheelhouse. However, you still begin each survey with screening questions, and often you may be disqualified if a question reveals that you do not fit the criteria for participation.

Users can also search for surveys on their own, but they have to narrow the surveys to those that fit their interest and demographic. Our VIP Voice review discovered most members found the surveys straightforward and easy to complete.

While VIP Voice does not send you straight to third-party surveys, it does outsource a lot of work, survey results, and other services to Toluna. Our VIP Voice review found that Toluna was consistently rated low on customer service feedback, and in one review of over 250 survey sites Toluna rated in the bottom ten.

VIP Payouts

While many people view the site's surveys as a perk, the payout system is a frustration to a lot of members. There is no distinct correlation between points to value. For instance, on other reward websites a point has a cash equivalent. It is not uncommon for one point to equal one cent.

Our VIP Voice review noted that the site designates five levels for users. When you are just getting started with VIP Voice, you find yourself on level zero. You can move up levels by completing surveys, and your level determines how many points you get for completing a survey.

Your points can be used to bid on items against other VIP Voice members or on bidding websites. You can also enter drawings with your points. In this case, every point you spend counts as one entry in the drawing. The difference between bidding with your points and entering drawings with your points is fundamental. Drawings rely on chance. You can enter a single point and win a sweepstake drawing. However, you must have the highest bid (most points offered) to win an auction. In one of VIP Voice's most disappointing aspects, there is no way to cash out your points for cash, check, gift card, or PayPal deposit.

How Does VIP Voice Work?

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While the idea of making money by surfing the internet always brings a level of skepticism with it, internet reward programs are quickly becoming recognized as legitimate entities. A little skepticism about online money-making ventures can be wise. However, there are many reputable and honest reward sites on the internet, including VIP Voice.

Many reward sites will pay you for driving traffic to their partner sites. Often you are rewarded with points relative to a point system. When you accumulate a certain number of points, you can cash out and claim your rewards. Other reward sites simply offer cash back for making purchases with designated retailers.

VIP Voice is one of the many reward sites that pays members for taking surveys. As opposed to driving traffic directly to a site where users may purchase products, survey rewards help retailers understand opinions on their products from a wide range of users. They can narrow down the feedback given by certain demographics and make important marketing decisions based on the data.

Usually, a reward survey site is paid by a retailer or manufacturer who wants survey data. The reward site then offers a share of the payout to each user who completes the survey. In a lot of cases the payout is in the form of points based on a larger point system. When a certain number of points is achieved, members can cash out or claim their rewards.

Many reward sites also offer rewards for referring friends. You get paid when your friend signs up, and you often earn a small percentage based on all your referral's future earnings.

Why Survey Sites?

Companies only want to spend so much money before an idea is tested and deemed to be popular and profitable among consumers. Figuring out what the public is willing to buy and how much they are willing to pay is the idea behind market research.

Market research is a billion-dollar industry that utilizes interviews, product demonstrations, focus groups and, of course, surveys. Companies want feedback on their jingles, their commercials, and the new flavor of their sports drinks.

Conducting market research online can allow companies to gain the same critical data while saving money and time over postal mail surveys or large, in-person gatherings. Phone surveys are typically facilitated by a third-party provider and cost even more than postal mail surveys.

In order to get individuals to complete the online surveys, companies are willing to pay money. VIP Voice is basically an intermediary between the company in need of market research data and the potential consumers willing to take the survey. VIP Voice agrees to conduct the surveys and disaggregate the data in exchange for a fee paid by the company.

VIP Voice and similar intermediaries then take a portion of the collected fee and pay or otherwise reward the people who took the survey. In the end, the company gets their market research data, the survey reward website gets paid for facilitating the surveys, and website members are rewarded for their participation.

Potential Downfall

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The downside to online surveys is that paid participation encourages participants to complete surveys speedily. The more surveys an individual can complete, the more money they make. In fact, our VIP Voice review identified many users who claim to have marked the same answer on every VIP Voice survey question without being flagged.

While particular surveys are intended for a specific demographic, utilizing online participants can bring make it difficult to ensure users are who they say they are. Users could potentially use multiple email addressed to create multiple accounts to respond to a wider variety of surveys.

The Up Side

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Despite potential difficulties with online market research, companies need data to make wise decisions. They begin with secondary research, such as available statistics, previously completed research, and scholarly articles. After breaking down the available market research, companies are ready to collect original research data.

Primary research data can be qualitative or quantitative. Qualitative data is in depth and often gathered through personal interviews or focus group conversations.

Conversely, quantitative data is not as in-depth, but it covers more questions from more people in order to statistically analyze the overall results.

Quantitative data is the goal of online surveys and can be used to identify market trends and prepare for future conditions anticipated by the survey results.

This is why companies are willing to deal with the previously mentioned downfalls of online surveys. When survey answers are collected in massive volume, the fringe answers that were thoughtless or even false are outweighed by the large remainder of the survey panel. The more people that are surveyed, the more accurate the results will be.

While online and email surveys have their downsides, they also have a lot of perks. People are often more likely to complete an online survey because they can do them at a convenient time. Phone surveys, on the other hand, have to be completed when the phone rings, and sometimes it rings at inopportune times.

Likewise, postal mail requires time-consuming steps such as completing surveys with pen and paper, preparing the survey for return mail, and taking it to the post office or pickup location. In our fast-paced world, many people will not do those things. Therefore, the large number of responses gained online can lead to the most accurate data despite the individuals who rush or cheat.

About the NPD Group

The NPD Group is a market research company that has existed since 1966. It is one of the ten largest market research organizations worldwide.

Our VIP Voice review identified the NDP Group as being headquartered in New York. The company uses data to track shopping trends based on millions of consumer survey questions. In turn, the NDP Group can help retailers, manufacturers, and other groups make important decisions based on current data and future projections.

Their product surveys range from clothing and appliances to technology and food and much more. The surveys are accomplished through NDP's VIP Voice service. The NDP group operates in twenty countries including the United States, Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, and throughout Europe.

Pros and Cons


  • Free and easy to register
  • Boasts over three million users
  • Awards a $5000 scholarship to students


  • Surveys can be outsourced to lesser companies
  • Earns a lot of low scores and feedback on review sites

Tips for Making Fast with VIP Voice

If you want to earn VIP points quickly, be sure to take your time and be very accurate when creating your personal profile. The profile will be used to match you with the most appropriate surveys.

Remember, surveys are intended for a specific demographic, and it is easy to waste time beginning surveys and getting disqualified after answering a few screening questions. Having an accurate profile can help you get better survey suggestions and spend more time completing tasks and earning points.

Who Is VIP Voice Ideal for, Is It Worth Your Time?

VIP Voice is ideal for users who enjoy online surveys as well as the thrill of auctions and sweepstakes. It is not ideal for those intent on making some extra money. The strange fact is that if you do not have enough points to win an auction and you are unlucky in the sweepstakes, you could accumulate points for months or even years with nothing to show for it.

For those who enjoy surveys, the uniformity and familiarity of VIP Voice's format will be enjoyable. And many of the sweepstakes and auction prizes are enticing, such as big-screen televisions and inclusive vacations. But there is no cash option for payout nor prizes that can be exchanged at an even point-to-value ratio.

If you enjoy surveys and sweepstakes, VIP Voice may be worth your time. If you are determined to earn money and/or rewards, it may not be.

VIP Voice Review Summary

While scams exist everywhere on the internet, there are unquestionably many reliable and professional reward sites available, such as MyPoints, Ebates, and, of course, VIP Voice. With over three million members completing surveys, VIP Voice obviously has a lot going for it.

The website provides critical market research for companies who need quantitative data to make crucial product decisions. Our VIP Voice review indicates the site is a legitimate survey reward website that rewards its members with VIP points for completing surveys.

Many people are excited by the potential to turn VIP points into massive rewards, including extravagant trips. Others prefer a more black-and-white payout system that allows users to cash out their points in the form of PayPal deposits, gift cards, or checks. This is not an option with VIP Voice.

VIP points are part of a tiered rewards system that benefits those who consistently participate in surveys. Users advance through five levels of rewards by continuing to participate in surveys. The more they complete, the more quickly they advance to higher levels. The highest levels are rewarded with the most points per survey completed.

At the conclusion of our VIP Voice review, we have decided to give the survey reward site 2.5 stars. It is not right for everybody, but it is a perfect fit for others. If you think you want to give it a try, sign up at

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